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Yoshi Ohkuma

Yoshi 0022Director of Marketing, JTB Global Marketing & Travel

Yoshi Ohkuma, Director of Marketing at JTB Global Marketing & Travel, has a wealth of experience liaising with cruise lines, incentive houses, event companies, and tour operators for Destination Japan arrangements.

With over 25 years of international business practice, his expertise allows him to bridge the gap between the Western view and Japanese tradition and culture.  He has travelled and worked at all the Japanese ports for shore excursions and turn around operations. He is also familiar with the specialist venues for luxury travel operations and unique venues for meetings and incentives in Japan.

During his time at JTB, Yoshi has undertaken two overseas assignments, holding the position of Manager in New York from 1998-2001, and General Manager for International Business in Amsterdam from 2009-2010. His wide networking sources, from government officials to local experts, including a well-known monk, allow him to achieve unique business ventures.

Yoshi graduated from Meiji University in 1984, majoring in Economics. He resides in Kamagaya, Chiba, Japan with his wife, Kaori, their daughter, Risa and their son, Shuntaro. He loves to travel and meet new people, which provide both a great source of enjoyment as well as business opportunities for Yoshi.

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